Battery Backup Sump Pump

How long will the battery last with my backup sump pump?

Deep cycle battery used in NexPump Sump Pump Systems The 3 factors affecting the length of time time your sump pump will run at 12 volts are pump efficiency, water flow rate and battery charging capacity.

NexPump pumps are the most efficient pumps available. They will pump up to 4 times as much water on a full charge compared to standard backup pumps. The maximum pumping rate is up to 7 times as much as standard backups.

Only NexPump gives you a countdown timer that shows you how much pumping time remains.
All batteries lose charging capacity as they age whether they are used or not. Only NexPump systems test your batteries twice a day. When total charging capacity drops below a preset level, a digital readout tells you that replacement is required.

In addition, your NexPump Intelligent Sump Pump System includes a builtin 20 amp charger- not a trickle charger. This assures that batteries are recharged quickly when the power is restored.